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A trivia question for friends of Jamie Samoyed: who first labeled that move a “boop” in the well-known triptych of Jamie and Fish? The answer: Jen Swift, within minutes of posting.

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Like children in hunter/gatherer societies, Jamie and Alice have lived their lives free of training or formal education. Oddly, they’re better-behaved than “more trained” dogs often are.

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From age 7 to age 20, my best friend was a Collie named Kingo, who taught me many lessons and made me a lifelong dog lover. This is our story.

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A photo of Alice from February of 2011, when she was the cutest three month-old puppy in the history of dogs. I suppose I may be biased, but for good reason!

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Our dogs have thousands of followers on Facebook, and their fans want answers. How old are they? What do they eat? And so on. The solution: an FAQ, of course!


I’ve always been a bit schizophrenic about paranormal phenomena. I’m quite open to the possibility…