Jamie & Alice 2018 Calendar


A new Jamie & Alice calendar for 2018 is ready to order! Here’s the link to where you can pick one up for $9.99 plus shipping:


Please note that we don’t make any money off these, we just created the calendar and posted it on Lulu.com for others. So if you have any problems ordering a copy, we aren’t the people to contact.

In past years our calendar photos have mostly been vacation shots, so this year we tried to include more photos of day-to-day life in Seattle. Here’s a brief overview of the photos in the calendar …

00-coverThe cover image is from a walk along Lake Washington Boulevard. This is a couple of miles from home, and we walk that area often.

01-JanJanuary features Jamie relaxing in the front yard after a long day at the groomers. He doesn’t get any cleaner than that!

02-FebFor February, a photo of Alice cheering on the Seattle Chinatown Parade this summer.

03-MarMarch features a photo of Jamie and Alice stuck in construction traffic in Bozeman, on the way to the dog park with their friend Noodles (right). Levon was riding shotgun, you can see a bit of his fur in the lower left.

04-AprApril is a common sight at our house: Jamie waiting at the front door with a toy, ready to go out and play after breakfast.

05-MayMay is Alice in a playful mood at Lake of the Woods, Oregon.

06-JunJune is our favorite bar in Portland, the Tannery. It has this great outdoor seating, and is close to some great walks.


July is Jamie listening close for dinner clues while visiting friends in Montana.

08-AugAlice loves to stretch out at Marymoor Dog Park as shown in the August photo.

09-SepSeptember features Jamie and Alice enjoying a complimentary treat from a vendor down along the Seattle waterfront.

10-OctJamie is the diplomat of the dog park everywhere he goes, and the October photo is at a dog park east of Spokane, Washington.


November is Alice on a walk in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

12-DecAnd for December, another photo from Marymoor, showing how Jamie gets Alice fur stuck in his teeth sometimes.



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