Jamie & Alice 2017 Calendar


A new Jamie & Alice calendar for 2017 is ready to order! Here’s the link to where you can pick one up for $18.99 plus shipping:


Please note that we don’t make any money off these, we just created the calendar and posted it on Lulu.com for others. So if you have any problems ordering a copy, we aren’t the people to contact.

This blog post provides some additional information about the photos in the calendar. We tried to select images that meet a few general criteria:

  • Typical scenes from Jamie and Alice’s life, as seen on Jamie’s Facebook page
  • Quality photos (in focus, reasonable exposure and composition)
  • Just Jamie and Alice – no other dogs, cats or people, because once you open that door there are way more than 12 photos we’d have to include to be fair to everyone
  • All photos are from 2016, and each photo is from the month where it appears

As usual, we had many thousands of photos to choose from. Although this year was the fewest photos I’ve taken in a while – a mere 11,000 or so (with a week to go), as opposed to my ~20,000 photos per year average since Jamie was born. And this year was also characterized by fewer road trips than usual, due to several factors, so most of our photos are around home and around Seattle.

jamiecalendar-coverThis post tells a bit about each photo in the calendar, for those who may be interested.

The cover photo (above/right) is in British Columbia, from a stop on the way back home from Jasper National Park in July. We met up with our friend Jim Wilson at Jasper over the 4th of July weekend, and had a great long weekend far away from fireworks.

We chose this photo because it wasn’t an especially noteworthy place, just a random spot along Highway 95 where we could pull off the road and get down to the Kootenay River. We’re always watching for secluded places like this on road trips.


January – Alice riding shotgun. Jamie and Alice take turns when the front seat is open, although Alice seems to get it more often lately.


February – outside Hotel Ruby in Spokane, Washington, on the way to visit our friends Aaron, Noodles, and Levon in Montana. Jamie and Alice love city walks at night, and we fit them in whenever we can on our travels.


March – chilling in the hallway outside my office at home. Jamie and Alice often lay here when I’m working on my computer, waiting for their next adventure or treat.


April – in Kirkland, Washington, waiting to watch Megan run across the new Highway 520 bridge on the weekend it opened.


May – crossing the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River. This is one of Jamie and Alice’s favorite hikes, and they hadn’t been here for 9 months due to Doug’s hip surgeries last winter. As you can see, they were happy to get back on the trail!


June – along the Cripple Creek Trail, out in the Middle Fork Valley. Jamie and Alice know every inch of this trail, and they love it.


July – the Athabasca River at Jasper National Park in Canada. The river is very wide and shallow here during the summer, perfect for wading and playing.


August – Seward Park, Seattle. This is the closest place where Jamie and Alice can get out in the woods, about a mile from home.


September – at Microsoft, outside Building 16. Jamie and Alice go to work with us almost every day, and they’ve walked countless miles around the Microsoft campus.


October – checking out a pile of leaves on a lunch hour walk in Bellevue. Like most dogs, Jamie and Alice spend a high percentage of their walking time sniffing around.


November – a night walk on Fifth Avenue in downtown Seattle. Jamie and Alice enjoy city walks at night, and they meet many interesting people on the street.


December – a short hike in the snow at Bessemer Mountain Road. This was our first local snow outing of this winter, but we’re planning many more outings like this soon.


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