Hip Replacement #2: Going Full Bionic


This week I had hip replacement surgery on my left hip, making it match the titanium right hip that I had installed on September 1. Both surgeries were done by Dr. James Bruckner of Proliance at Overlake Hospital Bellevue, and I was pleasantly surprised at some of the changes in procedure between the two surgeries. This time around, they didn’t use general anesthesia, which was a great improvement in the overall experience.

I’ve written up some details of the experience in the Medium post Hip Replacement Isn’t What It Used To Be 12 Weeks Ago.

You can also find my recap of the first hip surgery, as well as the conditions that led to my decision to have both hips replaced, in the post New Hips for Next Summer.

Now I just need to get through the recovery process one more time. Here’s how it went for hip #1, as a point of reference:

hip replacement timeline


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