New Hips for Next Summer


I have a few things I was hoping to accomplish while recovering from hip surgery, and today I can check one of them off the list: learning the details of how to write stories on Medium.

I needed a topic, so I wrote up my experience of getting my hip replaced last week. It’s a pretty long post, nearly 4000 words, but may be of interest to those who are planning to get a hip replacement. When I was researching hip replacements in preparation for my own surgery, I found a great deal of technical information and advice, but surprisingly few first-person accounts of what it was actually like for the patient. So this is my contribution to that genre:

New Hips for Next Summer

And here are two quick first impressions regarding Medium, based on the experience of putting that article together:

  • Plus: the commenting functionality is great. You can comment on any phrase in an article, and start a sidebar conversation about that specific text.
  • Minus: the much-heralded web authoring UI is a mess. Based on the comments on their documentation pages (for example), it appears that it was much better a year ago, and they’re broken many things in recent updates. I was shocked by how flaky it is, especially after hearing people say that Medium offers a simple no-nonsense web interface for authoring.

More to come, after I get some more experience with other aspects of Medium. I love the approach that tools like Medium and Sway are taking for simple and productive cross-platform publishing, and I hope somebody gets it right soon.


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