Seattle Pride Parade 2015


This year Pride Weekend in Seattle got a boost on Friday, when the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage in all 50 states. There was even more joy and positive energy in the air all weekend than usual, and the good luck continued when a nice refreshing rain shower passed through just before the start of the parade, cooling everyone off after the record heat we’ve been having this month. The overcast skies lingered throughout most of the parade, which made for great photo conditions. We spent a few hours across from the Cinerama at 4th & Lenora on the parade route, and were lucky enough to have both groups in front of us leave so that eventually we were right up front along the railing, even though we hadn’t arrived early in the morning to stake out a spot.

I took hundreds of photos, and posted them in seven Sway photo albums:

I’ve also embedded each album below for convenience.¬†Happy Pride 2015, Seattle!


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