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I’ve decided it’s time to learn more about Instagram, so I’ve created an Instagram account as @Dougerino. I’ll probably be posting a photo every day or two, although I posted 15 photos over the last few days to jump-start the page:

@Dougerino on Instagram

In recent months, I’ve seen several articles about how Instagram is growing quickly, especially among young adults. So I had been meaning to check it out, and then last week I spent some time with a visiting relative and her friend, so I had the opportunity to see firsthand how a couple of 20-somethings use Instagram to keep in touch and share photos with their friends. That prompted me to create an account and start learning more.

I’m using the new Instagram app for Windows Phone, which is still a little rough compared to the Android and iOS apps but I hope it will close the gap quickly. And so far I’ve just posted a photos on my public timeline — I haven’t tried the Instagram Direct feature, and haven’t shared any video.

I’ve never been one to spend much time on the latest social media fad du jour, so it’s been a while since I added anything new to the mix. I’ve been blogging since 2005, then in 2007 I started using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and in 2008 I started posting my photos to Flickr, mostly to have a public archive where I can quickly find photos by keyword or date searches. Since then, the only new social media presence I’ve added was the Jamie Samoyed page on Facebook, created in early 2010, and GitHub starting in 2011.

So far Instagram strikes me as a much cleaner and simpler social media platform than Facebook. Both from the perspective of the user interface, and also in terms of the content I’ve seen so far. On Facebook, it feels like there are all of these people constantly looking for opportunities to express their opinions on matters of politics, morality, how to raise a dog, how to take a picture, and so on. I’ve often been amazed at how you can post a pretty picture and suddenly find yourself in the middle of a tedious debate on those sorts of topics. But on Instagram, where comments tend to be very short and most people post just daily or less often, I’ve found that most of the activity is centered around the photos themselves. I like that.

If you’re on Instagram, follow me at @Dougerino and I’ll follow you back.


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