Jamie Samoyed Withdrawal


Yesterday, I posted on Jamie’s Facebook page about how I was going to stop posting photos every day. Man, was it really just yesterday? Feels like I’ve already been through months of reminding myself not to post (or sometimes even take!) a photo.

No regrets, though. I’m psyched about the time I’m starting to get back. A few minutes here, a few minutes there, it adds up. And walks with the dogs yesterday and today have felt so simple and relaxing. No photos to think about, no framing or shadows or ploys to catch the action from in front instead of behind. Our pace is much faster, because we’re just walking and not taking pictures.

So far it’s just been little things, but I’m also looking forward to getting back those entire evenings I’ve spent on Jamie’s page many times in the past. It always starts so simply, just taking a few photos, well maybe a couple more, then editing them down to “the one” to post on his page, then seeing some new canine caper that makes me glad I didn’t post that mediocre shot, because now I have something so much better! Then download the latest batch, edit “the one,” and repeat all evening until suddenly it’s getting late, so I post the latest couple of faves and perhaps a snoozing dog with a “good night!” caption. It looks like I spent a few minutes posting a few photos, but somehow that’s pretty much all I did for hours.

That’s nobody’s fault but mine, of course. And so many of the comments on that post on Jamie’s page remind me of that fact. Others have just enjoyed the photos, and are being so understanding and accepting. Thank you all for that. I’m the one who made it into a disruptive obsession that needed to be reigned in, but you’re the ones who don’t get to see as much of Jamie and Alice.

They’re fine, I assure you. Everyone’s happy and healthy, no worries.

Oh screw it, what’s a quick photo or two? It’s just a nip, hardly a photo binge at all. I could quit any time!

Jamie, Ike, Fish, Alice, Murg



  1. Linda Black on

    Hi Doug,
    As a selfish Jamie and Alice follower I’m happy that you can’t quite quit the addiction of posting their photos. I actually cried when I read your post so it appears I’m just a little addicted too.
    When I was reading “Alice Knows What To Do” I couldn’t help think that using a Canicross belt would really make a difference for you when hiking with the dogs. It would leave your hands free to use the Nordic Poles or your camera plus you get the added benefit of the pups hauling you up the hill when they are the most energised. I use one with my malamutes and it works well. Plus the belt I have has a couple of D rings to hang other bits and pieces from it, a water bottle holder at the back and a small pouch for pooh bags or whatever.

    • Hey Linda, thanks for the tip on canicross belts. I’m going to look into that — may be a good addition to the arsenal, for certain types of terrain.

      And thanks for your thoughts on the concept of cutting back on posts. It’s been a surprisingly emotional change for me, too. I’ll probably continue to post regularly with occasional gaps of a few days instead of the “few weeks” I mentioned originally. That seems a good compromise for now. It’s really nice to share their photos with so many people who love them as we do, I’m just trying to find the right balance. 🙂

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