Switching to SmartMag


Every couple of years, I tend to do a facelift of my web site. In this case, as of early 2015, I decided to switch to a magazine-oriented responsive WordPress theme called SmartMag. I’ve blogged very little the last couple of years, but I’m planning to blog more regularly in 2015, and I’m hoping this new theme will make me want to blog more often. Hey, it can’t hurt.

Here’s a screenshot of my new look, as of today:

Mahugh.com home page

That header image is a sunset above Columbia City (from the parking lot across from Rookie’s, for those who know the area). It’s a favorite photo of mine, and it was captured with my Nokia 1520 cell phone. The light was amazing for just a couple of minutes, and I knew it was a short-lived moment so I carefully captured it with my phone, then opened the car and got out my fancy high-end Nikon DSLR — and it was too late then to get anything interesting. Sunsets can change quickly.

I decided to use the same image for my cover images on Twitter, Flickr and Facebook. It’s my new look, for now.








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