Rainier Beach Community Center photo shoot


I’ve been looking for more things to do to contribute to our local community (the 98118 zip code on Seattle’s southeast side — Rainier Beach and Seward Park areas), and in December Megan spotted an opportunity that was a perfect fit for me. The Rainier Beach Community Center (RBCC) was looking for a photographer to take photos of local residents enjoying the pools there, to help promote RBCC in various media going forward. I volunteered, and along with another photographer I spent the morning of Saturday 1/3 there, shooting pictures and having a great time.

Here’s a Sway of a few of my favorite shots from this event:

This event was a lot of fun – I enjoyed it even more than I expected to. And it helped me understand something about my personal preferences when it comes to photography.

I’ve shot weddings before, and I’ve done sit-on-Santa’s-lap photo shoots for children as well as dogs (at the Humane Society), but those events felt like work. And frankly, they were boring. The Santa shoots are just the same photo over and over, and with weddings it’s often about getting the “right” people and moments and combinations.

I love to take photos of my dogs, and that never gets old for me. I enjoy watching the action unfold, and anticipating the physical details, the arrangement of their bodies, their expressions, the shadows, and all of the other dynamic aspects of photographing a subject that is in constant and unpredictable motion. And at the RBCC photo shoot, I felt that same satisfaction many times.

So now that I understand what I enjoy even better, I’m looking forward to finding more opportunities to shoot the sorts of photos that I most enjoy taking. And it’s for a good cause, all the better.

Thanks to Jarod, Erin and everyone else we worked with on this shoot! I’m looking forward to doing another one in the future. Maybe an RBCC basketball game next? Stay tuned.


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