Fun with Sway


I’ve been lucky to get on the Sway preview, and am having a blast playing around with it. Here are a few of my first Sways. [UPDATE: I’ve added a few more Sways created later, just to have them all here in one place.]

Sunsets in Seattle  Drink Shots

Rain Shots  Air Alice

Earl Peak  Middle Fork Road

Rock Creek Trail  Seattle @ Night

sway-RememberingRex sway-JamieAliceCalendar2015

sway-AlicesFirstWeek sway-JamiesFirstWeek

sway-2014YearInReview sway-Christmas2014RoadTrip

sway-DogsCats sway-JamieAliceVideos

sway-DozenSpokaneSkies sway-MurderOfCrows

sway-SeattlePublicLibrary sway-WorldsWonderViewTower

sway-JamiesCovers10-20-2014 sway-WalkInRenton

Northern Lights Sway-RainierBeach

As an example of how a Sway can be embedded in a web page, here’s an embedded version of a Sway I created of some photos from London’s Shard:


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