Targeted Advertising


I was thinking today that we should check out Maxim’s, the former “gentleman’s club” on Rainier Avenue in Hillman City that is under new management this year. We seem to end up at the Spot Sports Bar & Grill down in Renton most often when we go out for a drink, and we have no complaints about that – we love the place – but Maxim’s would be a closer option, and we’ve heard some good things about it this year.

So I got on Yelp just now to check it out, and see what kinds of reviews Maxim’s is getting. Check out the ad banner that came up. For the Spot!

Maxim's on Yelp

I can’t decide whether this is really creepy or really cool. But as a person who hates to be told what to do, we are definitely going to Maxim’s the next time we would have gone to the Spot!

There’s only one Yelp review from this review for Maxim’s, but it sounds like a place we’d enjoy:



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