Jamie has 5000 followers on Facebook!



This morning, Jamie Samoyed hit the 5000 follower mark on Facebook. It’s been quite a ride, four years of daily posts that have introduced us to people and dogs from all over the world.

Jamie’s social media career started a few days before we ever met him. Megan and I had decided, over a drink at the Oakland airport before returning home from a Christmas trip in 2009, to get a Samoyed. I contacted Karin at Summerhill Samoyeds when we got home, and she said they had a couple of puppies still available from a litter born 11/14/2009, and they would be old enough to take away on January 10.

We spent the next two weeks eagerly anticipating Jamie’s arrival, literally counting the hours until he arrived. And a few days before the big day, after we had picked out a name, I decided to get Jamie a Twitter account where we could share some photos. Jamie’s first online presence was a tweet posted on January 6, 2010:


Jamie referred to us by our Twitter handles @dmahugh and @ikofish at first, but later when we found that everyone else on his page called us his Mom and Dad we decided to get with the program and use that jargon instead.

Finally the big day arrived, and we drove north into Canada to pick him up. We instantly fell in love with the runt of the litter, a happy little soul with a cute button nose and a sweet but fearless disposition. On the way home, we took a photo of Jamie in Seattle and posted it on Twitter:


And so it began. Four months later, in response to requests from some of his early supporters (hi Jen & Evonne!), we put him on Facebook as a “public figure” named Jamie Samoyed. His first Facebook post was an iPhone photo that Megan took on May 5, 2010:


A few months later, we decided to get him a playmate. On October 24, 2010, we drove back up to Summerhill Samoyeds and once again picked out the sweet and fearless runt of the litter. We named her Alice:


They’ve been through countless adventures together since, and this isn’t the place to recap those adventures – that’s what their books are for. I just wanted to mark the date that Jamie passed this big milestone. Will we get to 10,000? Who knows. That would have seemed crazy four years ago, but it seems likely now.

Jamie and Alice have grown up with a public following on Facebook, and Facebook has been growing up at the same time. Many new features have been added in the last four years, some useful or interesting, others not so much. One feature we love is the “cover photo” concept. Here’s the very first cover photo that Jamie posted, when that feature was rolled out in early 2012:

Lake of the Woods, Oregon

That’s one of 567 cover photos Jamie has posted so far. Over the last four years, he has also posted 3,688 Timeline Photos, 1,178 Mobile Uploads and 129 Profile Pictures, as well as 93 videos. I can’t find a way to determine the exact total number of photos on his page, but I post the “best of” to his Flickr photostream, and there are over 8,000 photos there now.

About a quarter of Jamie’s followers are in the US. Here’s the breakdown of the top 10 countries:

  • United States (1370)
  • Thailand (362)
  • Vietnam (299)
  • Brazil (197)
  • Taiwan (152)
  • Turkey (143)
  • United Kingdom (132)
  • India (125)
  • Canada (122)
  • Romania (104)

And here are the top 10 cities where Jamie’s friends can be found:

  • Bangkok, Thailand (221)
  • Seattle, WA (138)
  • Hanoi, Vietnam (108)
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (95)
  • Hong Kong (69)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (67)
  • Taichung, Taiwan (37)
  • São Paulo, Brazil (36)
  • Bucharest, Romania (35)
  • Cairo, Egypt (33)

Jamie is especially popular among women in the 18-24 and 45-54 age groups, as you can see from the breakdown of his followers by age and gender:


And finally, here’s the “reach” (i.e., number of viewers) for Jamie’s posts over the last four weeks:


We couldn’t possibly list all of the great people and dogs we’ve met through Jamie’s page, so I’ll wrap up this post with a photo from last weekend, of the most recent time Jamie and Alice got together with a few of their friends:

Sammy meetup at Inter River Park, Vancouver - 10-May-2014

Thanks to everyone who has shared with us the joy of watching Jamie and Alice grow up!



  1. Congratulations! I have no idea why but the countries and cities really surprised me. I thought Canada would be a bit higher and there would be more than one US city in the top 10. The range and reach of FB is just phenomenal.

  2. Peggy Droesch on

    I’ve often wondered, & this post seems like the perfect place to ask – what kind of trouble (if any) did you have with US Customs in importing two puppies from Canada? Or is there some other government agency whose hassles you had to maneuver around?

  3. It was no trouble at all – no paperwork required for bringing a Canadian dog into the US. Jamie and Alice have gone back and forth across the border many times now, and we’ve never been asked for anything. I’ve heard that you may need proof of rabies vaccination, so we carried that paperwork the first time we took them back to Canada, but we don’t bother with that any more because it has never come up.

    Dog food, on the other hand, can be a hassle. Apparently there are some things allowed in Canadian dog food that aren’t allowed in US dog food. So we once were delayed an hour because we had a small bag of kibble that we had bought in Canada when we ran low on their raw food. That food turned out not to have any forbidden ingredients, but they still went through all of our stuff.

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