Jamie and Alice’s Calendars


NOTE: the calendars covered below are from previous years. You can find information about the latest 2015 calendar here: https://sway.com/PZtSf7srifpED-C1

Here’s a summary of the four calendars we’ve put together for friends of Jamie and Alice over the last three years. Click on any of these images to get to the page where you can order the calendar. Please note which year and months they cover – only the first one is for next year (2014), but they’re all summarized here for convenience.

The prices on Lulu are what they charge, with no markup from us. We don’t make any money on these calendars, they’re just provided for those who might want one. Enjoy!

Jamie Samoyed & Alice 2014 calendar

Jamie Samoyed & Alice 2013 calendar

Jamie & Alices Adventures 2012 calendar

Jamie & Alice Up Close 2012 calendar



  1. What a great site for Samoyed Lovers. Over the years we have had 5 Samoyeds. All have been great dogs, and loveable pets.
    Thanks for letting us enjoy the lives of Jamie and Alice. Our daughter Karlyn, who comments quite often on the Facebook page, also has had 1 and can’t wait to get another.
    Keep up the good work.

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