Am I a former Facebook user?


Facebook decided this morning that I had pasted sensitive info about my Facebook account (i.e., my password) onto one of those fake pages offering “a great deal if you do something in return,” and as a result my account “started spreading spam.” Here’s the message I received when I tried to get on Facebook this morning:

Facebook Spam Warning

This is especially amusing to me, because I have a lifelong abhorrence of special offers, discounts, and so on. I’ve never clicked on such a link, and I’ve certainly never used my Facebook password for anything other than logging into Facebook on pages under the domain. I haven’t done that for a while, since my computer and phone have been staying logged in. And, of course, I only use the HTTPS option, have a strong password, etc, etc.

Nonetheless, I had no choice but to play along. Facebook had reset my password, and I couldn’t log in on my laptop or phone. So I went to the login screen and told them I’d forgotten my password:

Facebook login

This led me to the two-factor authentication options that I had set up a while back, because Facebook told me to do so:

Facebook two-factor authentication

I asked them to text me a code, and then I typed the code in the form as instructed, and proceeded to set up a new password. It all seemed to work fine:

Facebook password reset

Well, worked fine with one exception: when I tried to log in with my shiny new password, I got the original Spam Warning message above, and the whole process started over. I’ve now been through it several times, trying different passwords, different browsers, using their email or text authentication options, and in all cases I’m stuck in the same endless loop:


Honestly, I have no idea how I’ll ever get into Facebook again. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.



  1. A few people suggested that I should wait 24 hours, since Facebook apparently has some sort of cron job that runs every 24 hours to do things like reset accounts that were blocked because of too many password resets. So I waited 25 hours from the last time I tried, then repeated all of the above steps in both IE and Chrome, with the same results. Looks like I *am* a former Facebook user!

  2. I’m back on Facebook! I don’t know if I should name their names so I’ll just say that I had some wonderful assistance from a great group of people at Facebook. They found a problem, fixed it, then provided me detailed instructions on how to get back in. Thanks so much to Dave Groom for putting me in touch with them!

    And for future reference, if you get a SPAM WARNING message, click on “Review our safety tips,” then click Continue on that screen, and then click on “Go To Activity Log” and you should be back in.

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