Brad’s Memorial Service


We had Brad’s memorial service today (5/24/2013) at Timberlake Church in Redmond, followed by a reception at the Pine Lake Community Club.

Here’s the program from the service:

Program - page 1 Program - page 2 Program - page 3 Program - page 4

Here are the slide shows that ran in between the speakers and at the end of the service:

Poems by Brad’s kids, used in the service:

Dad (by Van Mahugh)
He’s musical athletic and silly
He’s dad to Truman, Mira and me
He loves guitars and basketall
He feels happy and laughs and is quiet too
He needs to work, takes me to his house and
Plays video games with me
I love my Dad!

Father (by Mira Mahugh)
You were an amazing individual
But an even better Dad
You were always there when we needed you
Like any other family, we had our quarrels and squabbles
But we loved each other anyone
You are so much to me
I know you’re better off now
So I wouldn’t wish for you to come back
But I do wish I had the chance to see one last time
To say goodbye, to apologize for everything I’d ever done to upset you, to hug you one last time
before you had to leave
I won’t give up because it’s not something you would want me to do
So I will hold on and stand strong until time heals the pain
And when it does I still will never forget everything you did for me
You were always there when something bad happened; I only wish you could be here for this
I will go on, and my pain will ease
But I will never stop loving you, not today, not tomorrow, not ever
Even death cannot kill love

Beautiful Hope (by Mira Mahugh)
Nothing is as permanent as it seems
So hang on to your hopes and dreams
Hope is all we really have
All material objects fade away
But hope will never meet its final day
There is no need to fear
Hope is always very near
God save us hope
Let’s not take it for granted

This was a fun spontaneous moment at the reception after the memorial service, when Brad’s son Van decided to have some fun while his Uncle Greg played the guitar:

A few photos from the service and reception:



  1. David Nichols on

    Hey Doug,

    I hung out with Brad a lot during high school. I was glad to see me in some of the pictures in the slide shows. I hear the memorial service was really well done. I’ll bet Brad’s kicking himself for having missed it.

    He was a great friend and I’m glad he left behind more words, song and music than most for us to remember him by.

    -Dave Nichols
    MRHS Class of ’81

  2. Hi Dave, good to hear from you. Yes, it’s nice that Brad left so much behind, and I’m planning to get all of his music posted here soon, as well as links to some things that others have posted on YouTube, etc.

  3. Deborah Galbraith Will on

    The service was amazing. A great big thanks to the Mahugh family and friends for helping me to know and understand Brad in a new way. I left feeling I had some peace with the plan God had for Brad. What a special family you have. May you find healing. Thank you again. Deb Galbraith Will

  4. Rodney Shackelford on

    Sorry I couldn’t get to the funeral. My work would not let me leave and I was in Seattle just a few weeks before Brad’s death for another reason. I’m glad Brad funeral went well. The photos and eulogy are very good.

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