Source Lake Overlook: convenience *and* solitude


DSC_7914If you’ve ever hiked up to Snow Lake from Snoqualmie Pass, you probably passed dozens of people on the trail, or even hundreds if it was a sunny weekend day. The lake is gorgeous, and the views along the trail are great, but Snow Lake is not a place to go for solitude. Ira Spring and Harvey Manning, the venerable chroniclers of all the best trails in Washington, always said that Snow Lake was the most popular trail in the entire Cascades, and they would know. The trailhead is about an hour from Seattle, and after just 30 minutes of hiking you’re enjoying views like the one to the right.

About two miles up the trail, there’s a spur heading off to the left that leads to Source Lake Overlook. We had never taken that spur before last weekend, and it turned out to be a great place to get away from the crowds. We hiked up to a big snow patch where the dogs had a blast, and we only saw one other person the entire time we were on the Source Lake spur. Here are a few photos from our hike:


I hiked the Snow Lake trail last July and there was still quite a bit of snow on the trail (although much less than in February!), but this year’s hot weather has melted all of the snow along the trail. The Source Lake spur still leads to snow, however, because the trail goes through the narrow top of the valley where sunshine rarely hits it.

We’ll be getting back to that area more often, now that we know how to get away from the crowds.


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