Divide and Conquer


7036690175_8b03536435_oAs of today, I’ve split my Twitter persona in half. I’m keeping the @dmahugh handle for technologyelated tweeting, and I’ve created a new @dougerino handle for everything else. If you’re one of my Flickr contacts (and really, you should be), then you know I go by Dougerino over there, and I was thrilled to discover today that the same handle was still available on Twitter. Opportunity lost, folks: I’d have paid up to $20 for @dougerino if somebody had parked on it.

I’m planning to get back to tweeting regularly, and this splitting of my psyche will free me up to do so with reckless abandon. So if you were politely putting up with my technology tweets because you didn’t want to miss out on my pretty pictures or scintillating sarcasm, you can just stop following @dmahugh and follow @dougerino instead. I promise that a technology or softwareelated tweet will never appear there. Conversely, if you’re all business all the time, you can now rest assured that I won’t annoy you with anything else over at @dmahugh.

Vive la différence!


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