Photos of Mount Rainier


Mount Rainier is 60 miles away from Seattle, but some days it feels like it’s right across the street. And at 14,410 feet it’s over twice as high as any peak nearby, making it visible from anywhere in town that has an unobstructed view to the southeast.

This post shows a few of my favorite photos of Mount Rainier in recent years. I grew up in South Seattle, and my favorite Mount Rainier view from that part of town is from the parking lot of Johnson Pit #30 (aka Earthworks Park), along 37th Place South where it comes down the west side of the Kent valley. Here’s the view from that spot:

Another great south-end view can be found from the beach of Puget Sound about a mile north of Des Moines. Here’s the view from there, looking back over the Des Moines Marina (and with a telephoto lens compressing the scene so that it looks like the mountain is extremely close):

North of that spot, the beach curves around to the Normandy Park Cove and the mountain is hidden behind Normandy Park itself. Then, on the other side of the cove, Three Tree Point offers a spectacular view. Here’s the view from out on Puget Sound, with Three Tree Point in the foreground:

And here’s the view from a few other areas around the Seattle area:

These days, the location from which I most often take pictures of Mount Rainer is at Seward Park, where we often walk our dogs. You get Lake Washington in the foreground, then Renton with the mountain behind it. Here’s a photo from that vantage point just before sunrise:

And here’s a photo from the same spot at sunset:

 Seattle has great views of the mountain, but if you have a car you can get even closer, of course. Drive up Highway 410 to Chinook Pass for spectacular views of the mountain from the area around Tipsoo Lake and Naches Peak, just west of the pass:

And, finally, a view from the east. Here’s a hawk watching the mountain at sunset, taken from the shoulder of I-90 between Ellensburg and the Columbia River:



  1. Thank you Doug for sharing these beautiful pictures. Those of us that grew up with this view, know how majestic it is live. You have captured that majesty in your photography.

  2. I don’t know, i don’t think I was tninkihg about that city when I typed that! But anyway, now I want to go to Mt Rainier AND Mt Rainier. I’m from France and I LOVE anything USA.

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