Full Moon Fever


The full moon yesterday was a little bigger than usual, because the perigree (closest point) of the moon’s orbit happened to occur within an hour of the full moon. The moon was last this close to the earth 18 years ago, and it won’t happen again for 6 years. So I took the time to shoot some photos of it, and we were lucky to have enough gaps between Seattle’s clouds to get a few good views.

At 5:30 Saturday morning, our dog Jamie woke me up because he wanted to sit on the front steps, which were very well lit by the full moon shining through a tree:

I decided there was still time to get over to Jose P. Rizal Bridge before the moon would go all the way down, so I threw the dogs and some camera gear in the truck and drove up there, where I got a few shots of the moon setting over the SoDo area of Seattle.

About 14 hours later, I took some photos from a dock on the west side of Lake Washington a little south of I-90. From there, the moon rose over Mercer Island, and it was visible for 10 or 15 minutes until it went behind a cloud. I made a collage of a few favorite shots:

That photo went viral, by my standards: over 2000 views on Flickr in the first 24 hours, making it my second most-viewed photo ever, and it made the Flickr Explore page yesterday at #361 (out of roughly 4 million photos uploaded per day). One thing that really helped was getting re-tweeted by King 5 News, which resulted in dozens of people re-tweeting that link to all of their followers as well. That was also how I got my highest Explore ranking ever (#11), for a sunset over Seattle.

The images in the collage above are all “as taken,” but to me they look darker than it looked in real life. Here’s a shot slightly brightened (and white balance tweaked a bit, too), which is more like how I remember it looking:


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