Shooting From The Car


We’ve been planning and talking about a road trip this summer (Montana and the Dakotas), and this evening just for fun I stepped through every photo tagged “from car” in my Flickr photostream. A few faves below.

Lake Washington floating bridge, Seattle

By the way, here are a few tips for staying alive while taking pictures from the car:

  • Never look through the camera – just wave it around and shoot, while keeping your eyes on the road
  • Let the wife drive whenever she’s willing
  • Stop in the road to snap a picture if that’s an option (max sharpness, too)
  • No from-the-car shot is “important”; if it’s not easy, don’t bother
  • Expect most from-the-car shots to suck, because they do

Megan on a road tripChicago rental carwet window bokehsnowy I-90 onampSnoqualmie PassAlaskan Way ViaductI-5, Milton areaTacoma Narrows bridgeleaving Asotin


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