Lenses: going minimalist for a few weeks


photo taken with dropped 14-24mm lens

I love my Nikon 14-24mm AFS f/2.8 G ED wide-angle zoom lens. Most of the photos I’ve taken in the last year were taken with it.

And today I dropped it. Damn! So tomorrow it’s going in for repair, and since I’m a low-priority non-professional in Nikon’s way of looking at the world, I may not have it for six weeks.

I had also been planning to sell a couple of lenses so that I could get a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR, so now when I sell those lenses I’ll just have the 50mm F1.4 for a while. Oh well, Henri Cartier-Bresson made a career out of shooting that lens, I suppose it’s truly more than I need. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn a thing or two by having fewer options.

After the dust settles in a few weeks (late May? June?), I’ll have the repaired 14-24mm F2.8, the 50mm F1.4, and the 70-200mm F2.8. Oh, and the kit lens (18-70mm) on the D40, my backup camera. I’m really looking forward to having that setup, but today’s badly timed lack of mindfulness has made it even more expensive.

What is it with me and wide-angle zoom lenses? I beat the hell out of my favorite DX model, and now I’ve moved on to FX.



  1. Ouch – bad break — but I suppose it could have been worse: I’m guessing a broken front element would be very expensive on this baby.

    Will it back be in time for the Helsinki trip, is the question …

    – Alex.

  2. Yes, I think I’ll have the repaired 14-24mm and a new 70-200mm for Helsinki, if all goes well. The 14-24mm is now on its way to Nikon for repair.

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