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Doug in StockholmJust got home from my first trip to Sweden a few hours ago.  I was in Stockholm last week to attend the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC34 WG4 meetings as well as the SC34 plenary and WG6 meetings.  If you don’t know what that means, believe me, you won’t find it interesting (even I struggle with that at times).  I’ll be posting a workelated overview of my trip over on my work blog after I get back to the office this week.

These meetings take place in a different country every three months, and give me a recurring opportunity to shoot pictures of many new (to me) places.  The work and the associated socializing (hey, somebody’s gotta do it) usually occupy every daylight hour during the week, but I often fit in a day or half-day on the weekend before or after for photo safaris.  And having a D700, I do many photo safaris at night, too.  The structure of these trips is one of the reasons I moved to a camera that excels at low-light photography, actually.  Standards work, to quote Jim Carroll entirely out of context (as is traditional in certain disciplines), “is just another nine-to-five gig in the end, only the hours are a bit more inclined toward the shadows.”

I’ve created a set of Stockholm photos, which contains my favorite shots from the trip …

DM3_9673e_d_c_b_a_tonemappedDM3_0007 DM3_9676e_d_c_b_a_tonemapped DM3_9736 DM3_9746 DM3_9819

And I also created a separate set for favorites from the Vasa Museum, which I visited yesterday …

DM3_9929 DM3_9900 DM3_9888 DM3_9880 DM3_9943

My escape from Stockholm was a bit more exciting than intended …

Stockholm taxi


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