A Slight Change in Plans


I have a long history of really getting the most out of my knees. I tore them both up pretty good when I was young, and I have a nice 8-inch scar from the surgery that removed a big chunk of the meniscus from the right one.

I was just thinking recently how nice it is that I’ve not had any knee problems in years. Famous last words …

I walked out on some slippery rocks along the shore here in Phuket (Thailand) to get a picture of some colorful crabs two days ago, and fell hard in part because I was protecting my camera instead of my body. No big deal, I’m used to this, I can shake it off … I even went out and played a round of golf immediately afterward.

But after two days of increasing swelling and deteriorating attitude, I’ve given up. I can’t even walk this morning, so I’ve booked flights to head home. I won’t be going to India this trip after all, in the interest of getting my knee elevated at home ASAP. Although since flights are a mess for some reason this week, “ASAP” means fly to Bangkok this afternoon, spend the night there, then go to Narita (Tokyo), Portland, and Seattle.

For everyone’s amusement, here are a few photos …


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