Big Brother is Watching


Man, I have all the luck. As faithful Doug’s World readers know, I got a pretty silly traffic ticket a few months ago. And now this: a ticket for running a red light, from a hidden camera monitoring the intersection of Rainier and Orcas.

OK, so I did in fact push the light a bit, because I was running late to meet my friend Eric for a beer. But still. This is America. And in the America I grew up in (cue the “Star Spangled Banner” here), if you knew for sure there were no cops around, you could run red lights all you wanted.

And more importantly, in that same mom-and-apple-pie America, when you got a ticket the process started with an opportunity to talk your way out of it. But how can you negotiate with a camera? One you don’t even know is there?

I love the corner of my Nine Inch Nails bumper sticker in the license-plate closeup. That’s probably the real reason they wrote me up. I should replace it — anybody know where to get an “I heart cops” bumper sticker? Maybe one in the shape of a fish or a badge or something?


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