A trip to Paradise


We drove up to the Paradise area in Mount Rainier National Park yesterday. There are lots of paved trails through the alpine meadows where flowers bloom briefly in late July and August, but right now there’s still quite a bit of snow on the ground and the flowers are just starting to hint at what’s coming.

It was a mob scene anyway, with big crowds of tourists (mostly Indian families) checking out the areas closest to the visitor center. Walking a mile uphill seemed to fix that, though, and we had a bit of solitude in places, including Alta Vista peak to ourselves.

Mount Rainier up closeNot to leap to conclusions, but I’m guessing that deer has been fed by tourists.

The pictures start here.



  1. “…with big crowds of tourists (mostly Indian families)” (???) That’s new.

    Was curious, was that peak the inspiration for the search engine name?

    Beautiful place. Hamburgers and coffee taste better there.

  2. Hey, I always assumed AltaVista got its name from that peak, just because I knew of the peak before the search engine came along. But after a bit of searching it seems that it’s a coincidence: both were named after the concept of “view from above,” independently.

  3. Yes, Dear.

    Probably more things in CA than in WA … I still find it confusing that so many streets down there have Calle in the name. :-)

  4. George Siede on

    I assume you are being glib there but just in case you are not I think you should know that ‘calle’ is the spanish word for street.

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