1. Know the area well. Just under the bridge to the right is Pac Bell Park, home of the San Francisco Giants and South Beach Harbor, one of our favorite over night boating destinations. Check it out.
    The Embarcadero has such interesting sculptures and if you get back around those wire ones check out the fried calamari at the High Dive Bar. The margaritas aren’t that great but after a couple,who cares. Fun place, a must do, when we are in town. Also Mission Bay harbor is near by, to the west of the ball park. In a boat you have to motor through Willie McCovie Cove and under two draw bridges to get there. It’s kind of slummy looking but I’m sure people pay top dollar to live there. The mud situation at low tide is worse than at Point San Pablo. Some house boats and lots of derelict looking boats are moored there and I would imagine they’ll all be gone soon to be replaced by expensive condos.

    101 California was the sight of a bloody and deadly gun rampage several years ago. I was actually walking past the place when it all began. Some disgruntled former employee went crazy and killed lots of people.

  2. I remember that story. It was a law firm, so there were lots of politically incorrect jokes going around about it. Well, Chicago laughs at everything.

    But that does explain why there are no automatic weapons for sale around here.

  3. Yeah, we’re a hard bunch here in the Windy City. Remember, we’re the ones who celebrated Valentines Day with a massacre. And you don’t even want to know what we do for Sweethearts Day.

  4. Damn, Nick, you’re right. The only dog I saw Saturday night was a little poodle, and I wasn’t tempted. I’ll get right on that …

  5. Dogs? You want to see dogs? Go over to South Beach Harbor on Embarcadero and you’ll see lots of them. How did you like the day? Was it foggy where you were? Berkeley was sunny and a bit breezy. Point San Pablo was blustery.

  6. I didn’t really experience the day, except through the windows. Walked down Battery at 7:00AM, then a long day and a walk back at 7:00PM, then up late working in the hotel room. Rinse and repeat. Counting the days until July, my month of no travel.

  7. doug, tell megan that those are called follies: “extravagant, frivolous or fanciful building[s], designed more for artistic expression than for practicality.”

    just an element of the deconstuctivist movement…


  8. whoa—this trip to SF wasn’t the trip “…I’ll be in SF late Sat. nite…” you mentioned having on the map for when I am there is it?
    Are you shopping (or stealing) dogs now?
    man, Lynn sure does keep a strong file on the sites of violence, doesn’t she? When she, Elt and I did the boat thing, she pointed out the Lacey Peterson drop point and where,perhaps, the head might turn up.
    Hi, Lynn!!! I will be there July 12th, but have no plans to see you or the sister in town that week. I understand that you will be busy. I wll see the M and Q’s instead.
    HOW IS ADELE??????

  9. Hi Marsha!

    I’m at Sea-Tac, and found they have free wireless here at the south satellite. Time to update the blog, I think …

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