Hanging out at Sea-Tac


When I landed at Sea-Tac on Sunday afternoon, it was pretty cloudy but the clouds parted momentarily and I got one shot of our house …

Today I’m off to San Francisco, where I’ll be on the go non-stop Sunday through Wednesday. Sorry, Lynn and Elton, I’m starting to think we won’t be able to get together this time after all — my “free time” Sunday has just about filled up with workelated stuff downtown. Man, I’m going to the Bay Area and not even visiting my mother-in-law; now she knows how my relatives in Fremont feel. 🙁

Hey, here’s a cool photo that I just noticed my brother Greg sent this morning, from his house in the country outside Spokane …

“This little guy was laying by the road and I thought that something must have happened to his mama but when I picked him up he started making a lot of noise and she came running over the hill – they both headed off into the taller grass.”

I have two more weeks of the crazed travel schedule, and then I’m looking forward to a nice summer at home. The travel has been fun at times, but 63 nights away from home already this year is enough for now.

OK, they’re about to start boarding my flight. This domestic flying is so convenient — you just check in and go board the plane, basically. Two of my next three destinations are domestic US locations, so if you count Orlando last week that’s 3 out of 4, after 15 international destinations in a row prior to that. I’m enjoying the fact I can buy a Newsweek or a New Yorker within 100 yards of the gate. More impressive still, that’s true no matter which gate I’m flying out of. It’s the little things, you know.


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