New cell phone


My Cingular 2125 finally bit the dust. It’s been getting flakier and flakier, and I’ve been abusing it more and more, because I want a new phone. I do more email on the phone now than I was doing a year ago, and triple-tap is too-tedious. And it’s been banged around so much that it looks like hell, too. It’s not the shiny new phone it was 15 months ago.

So I bought a Samsung Blackjack today. So far so good.



  1. Your product shot framing has gotten better in fifteen months, too. 🙂

    Personally, I live and die by my Treo. But the Blackjack looks cool — I’ll be interested to know how it holds up (it just looked and felt so plastic to me when I looked at one a few months ago). The full keyboard is essential, though — is this the first one you’ve had since your SkyTel?

  2. I had a T-Mobile pocket PC phone with a touchscreen keyboard a few years ago, but this is much better. Nothing like feeling the keys click.

    I did a photo search for Samsung Blackjack, and that one stood out. Clearly Megan’s not the only woman who thinks the Blackjack is cute.

    Note how thick it is in the side shot. That’s with the extended battery installed, which makes it thicker. I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t use the extended battery, although I did talk to one guy who said it fits better in a shirt pocket with the regular battery. I don’t carry a phone in my shirt pocket much, I guess.

  3. Hey, does it take a memory card or anything? I see on the Cingular site (okay, AT&T Wireless, or whatever it is this week) that it has an Mp3 player, but that’s of little use if it doesn’t have the ability to take memory (unless it’s got some silly amount in it somewhere).

    Gotta say, if it holds up for you, I’m not unwilling to make the switch to Windows Mobile and do something like this when my contract is up with Sprint (they’ve been fine, but I think most carriers are fine now). But as I don’t want to carry a separate iPod for music, I’d love to know I could put my paltry 2-3 GB of tunes on it and get around.

  4. Yeah, I got a 2GB card for it. Although I must admit I’m not planning to do much with the music functionality — I was thinking more in terms of videos of Megan and the cats. They can be so acrobatic sometimes.

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