My favorite gold star


Well, truth be told, John Daly isn’t on my list.

But I do enjoy the soap opera.

In the latest episode, John shows up at the golf tournament and plays the first round even par through 11 holes, triple-bogeys number 12 to go +3, birdies the next five in a row to get to -2 and briefly lead the tournament, and finishes up with a ho-hum even-par round that leaves him three strokes out of the lead.

The next day, he shows up with red slash marks on his cheeks after being attacked by his steak-knife-wielding wife. The blood dripping down his cheeks matches Maxfli’s red “Fire” logo on his visor.

He follows the firstound 70 with rounds of 74, 75 and 79 to secure a finish alone in 79th place, 31 strokes off the pace. When the final putt drops, he leads the tournament in penalty strokes with 10 total. You can’t make this stuff up.

I found the photo shown here on an unrelated Fox News article.



  1. Strange — you’d think he’d have to sit awfully still for her to do that with a steak knife and not either miss entirely or do him more damage than that. On both sides, too.

    You’re right, though, he’s a fun guy. I heard an interview with him when his book came out a while ago, and he’s very matter-of-fact about everything that’s happened in his life. He’s a redneck, but he’s a philosophical redneck.

    Whatever the case, you know your life is screwed up when the PGA Tour event you’re playing in is the part of your week where you go to get away from stress.

  2. HEY!
    what’s up, Hon? Long time since I tried to get with your travel program (and am still reeling from the non access to the Cats/Windowsill place), so doing a few quick takes on Africa and will try and catch up on Mickey Mouse trips as time allows. I thot you told me you were…”taking back the summer…”???? So,’s that workin out for you …in Florida?
    DC was very cool, btw. Going to CA:SF/OAK 7/12—thru 18th—-you there, by any chance?
    Gran is cool.Dogs are rabid. Mal and Jen very good. More later—in some other venue perhaps? Love you.

  3. Hi Marsha!

    Our paths will cross … I’ll be in the Bay Area late Saturday night, through Tuesday. I have business activities Sunday evening, but plan to do the rounds of all the relatives earlier in the day. Maybe we can hook up for lunch at one of the usual spots? (Or better, yet, an unusual one!)

  4. On the dates I mentioned? Cool!
    Some sad news, however….spoke w/my husband’s (ha–had we all forgotten?)hospice social worker yesterday—the reason for my trip—and she said July …may, in fact, be too late.
    The ticket is a done deal w/Priceline, so I suppose I’ll be there regardless.

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