SL Defender


Megan bought me a Defender machine. I was so happy to see it, I just stood there playing a long time. She did what she always does.

Just now while posting this, I noticed that Megan’s friend Hal (the formerly obese celebration of “body type diversity,” now as ripped as all the rest) is playing Defender at the house already. That guy doesn’t even let the joystick get cold.

Hey, does anybody know where there’s a working Defender in Seattle these days? Since Shorty’s in Belltown got rid of theirs, I don’t know where to go play.



  1. Supposedly Tad knows how (or knows someone who knows how) to take the control panel off a Defender machine and hack it so you can plug it into a PC and use it with MAME. But given that Doug and Tad couldn’t even get around to hooking up my as-old-school-as-I-could-find joystick (I never got beyond Atari 2600 myself), I won’t hold my breath.

    I think I’ll try the Win32 version of MAME, which supposedly works with a joystick without any hacking. I could really go for some River Raid, but using arrow keys and the space bar just sucks.

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