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Today I listened to KTTH “The Truth” on the way to work, 770 on the AM dial. Megan doesn’t care for right-wing radio, but I love it. Great entertainment.

Today, Rush made many brilliant points. Did you know that …

In 100 years, people will remember George Bush as one of the “top 5 foreign-policy Presidents.” His commitment to staying the course in Iraq will be seen as forward-thinking leadership, but right now the Democrats are confusing the American public and preventing the truth from coming out!

Democrats are very inconsistent. They’re opposed to preemptive war in general, but when it comes to “wacko theories like climate change,” suddenly they’re all for declaring preemptive war on the environment itself. And that’s declaring war on the American people, who all live in that environment!

The reason Republicans often do worse than Democrats in political debates is simple: political debates are contests for who can fake sincerity the best. Democrats like Obama are often quite good at faking sincerity. It’s what they do!

I’ve often noticed that the ads on right-wing radio are ones I’ve never heard anywhere else. This morning, there was an ad for “controlling your kids,” with the announcer talking about how there are sure-fire techniques for getting unruly kids to listen, and they have the secret. “Your child will be listening closely to what you have to say in just one minute!” If that kind of thing turns you on, I think the toll-free number — repeated many times throughout the commercial — was 800-494-0326. If you really love your child, you should call now. Operators are standing by.



  1. Eeesh. WGN here in Chicago has those ads, too, replete with gushy personal testimonials from re-empowered parents. Gotta say, if I needed something like that to deal with my kid (and I may yet someday — I make no judgment about searching for help lest I get bit later), I don’t know that I’d go on the radio and say so. Maybe they get a free hat or something. I’d sooner talk on the radio about depression or alcoholism than communication problems with my kid. Seems to me that if I was fourteen and PO’d at my parents all the time (and I was, in fact, fourteen and PO’d at my parents all the time), having them successfully manage me using tape-learned skills and then talk about it on the radio would only irritate me more.

    I’m not even sure what rubs me wrong about it, but I get the willies every time I hear the ad. I’m sure it helps some (like leashes for toddlers), but it seems like something that should only be available by prescription or something, you know?

  2. The tone reminds me of those “far right of Konrad Lorenz” dog training books, where they stress the importance of hanging the misbehaving puppy in the air until he grows faint from lack of oxygen.

    Another memorable ad is the one for a helicopter flight school. It speaks of how there’s shortage of helicopter pilots, and I swear you can almost hear them crashing in the background.

  3. Thanks, Lynn. The weather forecast sounded like it was going to be a rainy day, but just like last year it’s sunny instead. So we may spend the day in RL after all.

  4. By the way, where is the morphine?

    The best thing about Doug being out of town is the lack of right-wing radio. That and all the porn.

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