Bogota blackout


I’ll be in Bogota in a couple of weeks, and it promises to be interesting.

We get travel advisory emails whenever we book international flights, and they’re usually quite boring: warning you that Paris has pickpockets, don’t display large quantities of cash on the street, stuff like that. But when I booked the Colombia flights, I got an advisory warning me of things like “Colombia has long been considered one of the most violent countries in the world … foreign and expatriate travelers are considerable targets throughout Colombia for acts of terrorism, crime and kidnapping … Bogota has one of the highest crime and murder rates in the world.”

Gee, no wonder our local contact there has arranged for a driver to whisk us from the airport to the hotel. Don’t expect any photos of Colombian street life on the blog. And room-service dinner sounds delicious, whatever it is.

And then, today, there’s this news story: Power returning to Colombia after nationwide blackout. Hmm. Room service by candlelight?



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