A walk to Starbucks


Like most city dwellers worldwide (or so it seems), we have a Starbucks a few blocks away from home. We also have another one nearby, up over the hill on Jackson. But Saturday we walked past those nearby options all the way to Jackson and Occidental (near Qwest Field) to meet up with the Orcmids. Here are a few photos snapped along the way:

The new blog header () is a photo taken later that same day.



  1. I’ll say it again: Man, you guys live in a beautiful place!

    And I am once more convinced that all this talk about “rainy Seattle” is just something to keep the tourists away.


  2. Believe it or not … it rained during that walk. Locals will notice there are no photos taken in the mile between 23rd and King Street on Jackson, because I was trying to keep my camera dry.

    Really, really, no wait, I swear it’s true! It rains all the time! WAY too rainy for wealthy Californians to buy any more real estate around here. WAY too rainy! 🙂

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