Bye bye, Beijing


After three weeks on the road, I’m finally headed for home, in about 12 hours. I need to pack and get some sleep, but the work is all done and my limited sightseeing is all done. I made it over to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square this afternoon; here are a few pictures:

Beijing is a place I need to come back and explore. Megan, put it on the list. I feel like I saw exactly the right amount of it: enough to be intrigued, but I only scratched the surface and haven’t seen even the main tourist attractions other than the above and the Great Wall on the day I arrived. And when we come back, I now have several friends here who have graciously offered to be our tour guide.

I’ll be going through Seoul in the morning, another place we probably need to put on the list. Maybe we should just have a list of where not to go, that might be easier. Baghdad’s not looking too good this decade. But Bogota’s not as dangerous as it used to be; I’ll be there four weeks from today, after Sao Paulo and Santiago.

This job is a pretty good way to see the world, if you can survive the occasional string of 16-hour work days. Speaking of work, I have a few photos of what I’ve been up to the last two days over on the work blog.



  1. Yes dear. Well, I got my tickets for Mexico City. Woohoo! I haven’t been since I was ten. I saw a cowpie among model pyramids at a museum, and a horse with an erection. Altogether a memorable trip.

  2. Very nice use of depth of field (or lack there of)from using the telephoto end of the zoom in the photo of the soldier! He really pops off the background as if it was a painting.

    PS: If you didn’t do this on purpose never admit it.


  3. I hear that advice. When I was in India, I discussed photography a bit with a guy named Niyam, and when I showed him some of my photos he found things he liked that I had never thought of — specific “contrasting this with that” sorts of observations that hadn’t actually occurred to be as a reason I liked those particular shots. I just said “thanks.” 🙂

    In the case of the soldier, I was in fact trying to get something like that, I swear!

    And now that I’ve had a chance to look at all the photos more closely, here are two others I like along those lines:

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