The Great Wall


Here are the pictures I took at the Great Wall on Sunday. It was mid-day and the light was extremely harsh, so I’m hoping to get back out there at the end of the day Friday for some shots in better light.

These pictures are all at Badaling, the first place you can visit the wall on the way out of Beijing. It’s a good workout to walk up and down all the steep steps. Here’s a tip: get some bottled water before you head up the hill! I was pretty dehydrated by the time I got back down to the shops that sold soft drinks.

I’d like to also check out another location next time — there’s another spot a few miles further up the road that looked less-traveled when we drove past it. Maybe Friday, we’ll see. Between now and then, it’s all work this week.



  1. Doug,
    I finally was able to get my computer to access the internet and catch up with your blog. I enjoyed your pictures of the Great Wall even if you thought they weren’t the best. Were the terra cotta like soldiers at the wall? I don’t remember seeing them.
    Love, Mom

  2. Yeah, they were there at Badaling — four of them set up along the wall where the highway passes under it, and the rest stored behind a souvenir shop.

    I learned that going back to the wall for sunrise or sunset isn’t an option, since it’s only open from 9AM to 4PM in these areas near Beijing. So I’ll have to take pictures in the city instead this week, since I’m working during those hours every day. I’m going to try to get over to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square one of these days.

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