Prague Photos


I decided I couldn’t leave Prague without any photos. Twenty years from now, I doubt I’ll remember whether I spent this evening on corpnet slogging through email and expense reports and purchase orders and Career Compass at the Microsoft office, but I will remember Praguge and the 300 photos I took down around Charles Bridge between 5:30 and 9:00 this evening.

I spent that whole time on the bridge, walking back and forth, changing lenses once each time across. Oh yeah, and I stopped for dinner at the restaurant across the street from the east end of the bridge. Here are four that I liked at first glance, but I’ll post a bunch more later in the week when I get a chance.

Here are four more for now, since I have just a minute before I leave for the flight to Brussels …



  1. If we could only figure out a way to get work 5.0 to pay for camera boy 1.2. The hardest thing to figure out is how to turn on the built in anger filters of wife 1.0 when camera boy 1.2 gets to go and not her.
    HO HUM well anyway great pics.

  2. Thanks for dropping in, Stephen — I just posted four more.

    Nick, my own Wife 2.0 is flying to Europe to celebrate April Fool’s Day with me.

  3. Great pics — I find it interesting that digital cameras have given the faces of photographers back to other photographers. People’s faces are visible to others now while they take pictures because they’re twelve inches back looking at an LCD instead of jammed up into the back of their camera to look through a viewfinder.

    Again, you’ve got me thinking I need to go somewhere more interesting and historically significant than Milwaukee (to which I have three trips planned in the next four weeks, for various reasons — woo!).

  4. I am completely impressed with your photos as always. Especially the one you captured on the bird in flight – totally awesome.

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