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Well, we’ve taken the plunge: we bought a house in Second Life. Nothing fancy, and Megan has prettied it up a bit since we were snuggling in the beanbag chair above. But we have a home base to operate from. And I’m going to spend some time next week learning how to make clothing, so that I can pass out a bunch of orange Open XML t-shirts to all those people on the nude beaches who can’t seem to afford quality clothing. I want to help, in whatever way I can — Second Life is like that, it makes you want to reach out to strangers.

We played Word of Warcraft a bit over the weekend, but it requires a ton of disk space to install the client software, and my laptop is full of other stuff so I had to delete it. Besides, we just weren’t as cute in that world as we are in SL:

More on our SL adventures soon …



  1. uh, is this where Geeks go when they graduate from the Sims?

    Have you been taking drugs in Second Life, or are your hours long there too?

    Robin wants to know where the earing is…yours Doug.

    Megan’s looking great as always. bp

  2. I’ve poked around a bit with Second Life and I never quite got the hang of it. I don’t know about the etiquette of it all, nor do I know what I’m supposed to be doing. Is it just interaction, or are you supposed to be having an adventure or something?

    I like the flying, though. And did you buy Linden dollars with real money, or do you earn it somehow? Maybe I’ll do a bit more reading.

  3. I always found that I was way too married to enjoy allot of the stuff SL has to offer >=P~~

    There are some really creative builds though. I always enjoyed the space flight center.

    re Tom.
    There is a lot of directions one can go. pushing out the 85% “sex positive” content. One can build a little cyber house, chat with normals, roleplay in certain sims, build and design things to sell which people use to create a real world income, or apply it to the cost of existing in SL (property costs / cloting / furniture / etc).

  4. Bruce, as in real life, the hours in Second Life are long and relatively drug-free. And I’m working on the earring and a few other touches to make my avatar as Doug-like as possible.

    Tom, ScottB explained it pretty well. And Megan and I are thinking it will be a good way to keep in touch while I’m traveling. I’ll have a lot more to say after I figure it out.

    The first time Megan and I got together in SL (as opposed to RL, real life) we were at an adult beach, where this giant insect-like guy kept trying to have sex with each of us while we were just hanging out. All very confusing. Then the next time we got together, it was at a dance event, where lots of crazy-looking chicks were dancing wildly and we were just standing around doing the occasional dork dance move. Just like a real-life dance event, in other words.

    But now that we have our own cozy little crib, we’ll probably just hang out there a lot. Like RL.

  5. “Then the next time we got together, it was at a dance event, where lots of crazy-looking chicks were dancing wildly and we were just standing around doing the occasional dork dance move.”

    Doug, that was your wedding reception.

  6. I’ve heard a lot about Second Life on Adam Curry’s podcast. Just gotta find the time to check it out. If there was an advanced XSLT tutorial room (hint, hint) it just may be worth it.

    I wonder if the Second Life Doug golfs like the Real World Doug? I hear there are no water hazards in Second Life. 😛

  7. Hmm, golf. I did a search for golf:

    (Note that the “mature content” box is not checked.)

    Anyway, I checked out one course:

    There was a much nicer resort course I saw too, but this one intrigued me because it looked cheap and little-used. Those are golf-course traits I’ve always found endearing.

    The posted rules include the usual “Appropriate golf attire and golf shoes are required to be worn on the golf course” as well as a few rules I hadn’t seen at an RL golf course:

    The following is prohibited:
    Building, direct teleporting, flying, landscaping and terra forming.

    The following items are not allowed:
    Gaming equipments, high lag scripts, object replicators, particles generators, vehicles, vending machines and weapons.

    The following behaviours will not be tolerated:
    Fighting, harassing, littering, obstructing, selling and soliciting.

    Please comply with these rules during your stay and enjoy your visit.

  8. Yeah, remember that day at Indian Valley when we got asked for object replicators? Wait, that was rolling papers.

    I poked around a little more last night, and I can’t seem to get off the little set of islands you start on. I’m still trying to get the hang of the controls, though, so I’m fine being here for now. I can totally see how it could be very addictive — strange for something where so little happens.

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