All a-twitter over nothing


Sort of like staring into a fire that’s burning up hard copies of IM messages people send to each other …

Ha! As soon as I posted that, they were down:

I heard of this site through a long discussion on a Microsoft internal distribution list, so I’m wondering if maybe there were so many Redmond viewers that it crashed the site. We have a new slogan around here: “Web 2.0 — if you can’t beat it, crash it!”



  1. It worked when I went, but I found it mostly strange (though mildly interesting). Mostly it reinforced my opinion that I and others have very little of interest to say when pressed. I now know of several random souls who left to make dinner for themselves while I was watching. It’s kind of like riding the el home at rush hour and looking at people through their kitchen windows.

    Neat use of Google Maps, though! It reminds me a little bit of video of thunderstorms from space — little random flashes all over continents and so forth.

  2. George Siede on

    I used to love to ride the el for that very reason.

    Twitter thing worked for me but the messages flash by too fast for a slow reader like me.


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