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“This is an unacceptable situation. They have been here three hours. They are ruining the carpets with the mud from their boots.”
– Dhamin, a resident of Baghdad’s Sadr City, on American troops in his living room

Meanwhile, more than carpet is getting ruined across town in the Sunni neighborhoods. And throughout the Middle East, for that matter. More troops should help.



  1. That YouTube link presents a bunch of other really disturbing video of U.S. soldiers having a blast teasing and taunting children over there (making them run for drinking water, for example). What a mess this is — I can only assume that the situation over there turned these few soldiers into arrogant jerks, not that we tend to only recruit as such. Blech. It’s the Americans giggling and making sure their buddies with cameras are getting all of this that gets me.

  2. Yeah, I saw the bottled water one, but decided it was too mean-spirited for the lighthearted tone I wanted.

    Hey, as a member of the international Tom club, you must be a fan of TomDispatch, right? Here’s a nice quote from there I saw yesterday:

    “Slowly, step by step, the present White House has found itself forced back into at least the vicinity of the reality-based community. This week we may, in fact, get to hear one of the last of this President’s great Iraqi fictions.”

    I also noticed, in looking at their HTML markup, they use class names like AllBeefPatty and SpecialSauce. Makes me feel so, I don’t know, corporate in my choice of class names and IDs in my web pages.

  3. Wow, after several days of feeling less than well, are you trying to taunt me with this all beef patty thing? I had a salad at Steak and Shake today (Nora’s choice of restaurant) and avoided the dressing and cheese. Not that I notice every slight to us weight-losin’ guys, but that special sauce sounds pretty good …

    At least the soldiers threw them a bottle at the end. I guess that makes it better, but not by much. It still has a biscuit-on-the-snout feel to it (for all you dog trainers out there).

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