1. Doug:

    I have been wondering what is happening to you now that you are on the rainy side of the hills. I hear from the Bruce that your wedding is sometime in April. I guess that must have something to do with the wedding cake planning issue. I can’t help but wonder what a technical evangelist is? I trust things are going well for you. If you have time drop me a line at the above address.


  2. The second time around I saw the picture of the wedding cake design. Yes it is garish but can one ever be too garish with something like a wedding cake? In some ways it is an ideal medium for an exagerated display of color and ornament. It will excite the eyes and then it will be devoured. If you can find someone to make it why not. Let those creative juices flow. Just attend to the inspired (now paraphrased) message of a famous blogger/evangelist, “never follow through with anything your mother wouldn’t accept” and the results will shine and the wedding will be fine.


  3. sheri the young on

    hey, i think u should have some blue on the cake,,, go seahawks…
    how r u ??? havent heard nothin sheri young

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