Mount Si Never Sleeps


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We hiked Mount Si on Sunday. It was pretty nice conditions up to the last mile, where packed snow and ice on the rocks made for slow going — even more so coming down. It got dark as we started down, but there were a few oddballs headed up, including some guys leaving the parking lot in darkness, headed for the top.

That’s I-90 in the valley 3000 feet below, at the elevation where you start up the trail. This view is to the east, looking toward Snoqualmie Pass.



  1. Going up wasn’t so bad, but coming down was murder on the quads and knees. I’ve been hobbling around pathetically for the last few days, going downstairs sideways…. I think I need one of those banister chair lifts.

  2. […] Added later … on the way back through the mountains, traffic was stopped outside Cle Elum due to a bad wreck. An SUV had rolled, and there were two people on stretchers waiting for an ambulance. On a more cheerful note, to the right is a shot of pink blossoms on a tree in North Bend an hour later, with Mount Si in the background.   […]

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