Are we really this gullible?


Good grief. Our President strikes again.

Yesterday, with support for keeping U.S. troops in Iraq at an all-time low (and likewise George’s approval rating), the U.S. intelligence community released a shocking new document: a 6300-word letter from Al Qaeda’s number two man to their head of operations in Iraq. As the CNN article said yesterday, “Senior U.S. intelligence officials call a letter from al Qaeda’s No. 2 man to its leader in Iraq “chilling” because of how “calm, clear and well argued” it is in urging preparation for a U.S. departure from Iraq.”

Well wasn’t that convenient. Surely that letter will convince those spineless Americans who want the troops to come home that that would be a terrible mistake. After all, we still have lots of money to make “rebuilding” Iraq, right?

Just one little problem. It turns out the letter was a fake. Of course, John Negroponte is still swearing that it was “verified by multiple sources over an extended period of time.” What else can he say? Bush values loyalty above all else, we knew that about him long before he was President.

Stay tuned …


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