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I was recently asked (in my Microsoft interview) “what’s your favorite liberal blog?” To put it in context, the question went something like this: “I need to assess how you approach the things you’re passionate about, and I could tell on Mahugh.com that you’re pretty opposed to the Iraq War, so what’s your favorite liberal blog?”

I had no good answer. But there’s a blog that Megan pointed out to me recently (where’d you hear of it?) that is the best blog about the Iraq situation that I’ve seen yet: http://www.juancole.com/. The author, Juan Cole, is Professor of History at the University of Michigan and he clearly knows the actual situation in Iraq very well. (As opposed to the dumbed-down “freedom lovers versus freedom haters” view of Iraq that most Americans have been taught to regurgitate.)

I highly recommend Cole’s site, and also Anthony Shadid’s fantastic book “Night Draws Near” — I wouldn’t have understand nearly as much of Cole’s site if I hadn’t recently read Shadid’s book. Shadid is an Iraqi who grew up in Oklahoma, and he’s the only reporter who has won a Pulitzer for coverage of the Iraq war, among other things. He’s also a true reporter, which means he travels freely around Iraq risking his own life to get close to the men and women who are living in post-invasion Iraq. (As opposed to the flag-waving sycophants that settle for being “embedded” with U.S. troops.)

Well, I better not get myself going about Iraq, it’s after 4:00 and I need to get a couple things done before heading home for a bike ride …

– Doug


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  1. […] I read Anthony Shadid’s excellent book “Night Draws Near” earlier this year, and “We Are Iran” reminds me of it in some ways. They’re both books about countries that the current U.S. administration has dubbed “evil,” and they’re both full of real words from real people on the street, instead of pontifications from pundits and politicians or the view from inside American military hardware through the eyes of young soldiers or the oxymoron of “embedded journalists.” With all due respect to those sorts of perspectives, I’m a lot more interested in what real people have to say about the things happening in their own back yards. […]

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