Gearing up for Dartmoor

Megan is a big fan of the UK. She’d never use the F-word in that way, but she has studied in the UK (Oxford), she has repeatedly vacationed there (with and without me), she’s an avid reader and viewer of all sorts of UK things ranging from Jane Austen to Doctor Who and Sherlock … [...]

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subway evolution - Seattle vs Shanghai

The case for central planning?

My friend/co-worker Leon (a native of Shanghai) asked me recently why it takes so long to build commuter train lines here in the US. Then, coincidentally, Conrad Hackett of Pew Research posted on Twitter today about subway evolution in Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro. In the image below, I’ve borrowed from Conrad’s image and added [...]

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LaVonne’s Kenya Trip

My Mom took a trip to Kenya last month, and this post is in her words, with her photos, as a convenient way to share the story online with her friends. Take it away, Mom … We left Sea-Tac on February 27th and had an uneventful trip until we arrived in Nairobi, where our luggage [...]

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letter to Vid Kidz, 1982

Letter to Vid Kidz, 1982

Here is a letter I sent to video game designers Larry Demar and Eugene Jarvis (aka Vid Kidz) back in 1982. It was written in WordStar on a homemade Heath H-89 computer running CP/M, and printed on an Epson MX-80 dot-matrix printer. Thanks to Larry for being so well organized and having a scanned copy [...]

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Jamie and Alice’s Books

We’ve put together three books so far of photos of Jamie or Jamie and Alice. Here’s a summary with links to where you can browse through each book or order a copy. As usual, these are sold with no markup from Blurb.com, and we don’t make anything from each sale. (We can’t even tell who [...]

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Jamie and Alice’s Calendars

Here’s a summary of the four calendars we’ve put together for friends of Jamie and Alice over the last three years. Click on any of these images to get to the page where you can order the calendar. Please note which year and months they cover – only the first one is for next year [...]

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