Post-processing: the key to better photos

It’s an old cliché that the photographer matters more than the camera, when it comes to taking attractive and eye-catching photos. And in my experience, most people understand and accept this. There’s a third aspect, though, that many amateurs don’t think about, and I think it makes a bigger difference than the camera. Post-processing, which […]

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Dartmoor National Park

Walking the Moors

For two years Megan and I have been planning a vacation around walking the moors (for example, see Gearing up for Dartmoor), and like any long-anticipated vacation it seemed forever in coming, and then over in an instant. This blog post, written mostly on the flight home from London to Seattle, sums up my feelings […]

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Photoshop image count

How many photos have I taken with my camera?

Cameras wear out eventually, but a quality lens is a lifetime investment. This is an important concept to remember, the next time you’re tempted to buy an expensive lens. Go for it, it’s an investment! One of the things that wears out on your camera is the shutter. And each model of camera from the […]

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Gearing up for Dartmoor

Megan is a big fan of the UK. She’d never use the F-word in that way, but she has studied in the UK (Oxford), she has repeatedly vacationed there (with and without me), she’s an avid reader and viewer of all sorts of UK things ranging from Jane Austen to Doctor Who and Sherlock … […]

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subway evolution - Seattle vs Shanghai

The case for central planning?

My friend/co-worker Leon (a native of Shanghai) asked me recently why it takes so long to build commuter train lines here in the US. Then, coincidentally, Conrad Hackett of Pew Research posted on Twitter today about subway evolution in Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro. In the image below, I’ve borrowed from Conrad’s image and added […]

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